Go Green! with Ann Sullivan Organizing. Keep the environment in mind as you Organize Your Life.

Note: While we at Ann Sullivan, Inc. are always happy to help facilitate green donations and recycling, we are not ourselves a donation center and do not accept donations. We do, however, proudly promote the donating and recycling programs listed below.

Resources for keeping it green


Green Tips!

  • Turn off your computers at night—don't just put them to sleep. You will save on your yearly energy bill.
  • Every degree lower in the winter or higher in the summer you adjust the thermostat gives you a 10% decrease in your energy bill.
  • Donate old newspapers to a local animal shelter.
  • Take your wire hangers to most dry cleaners for recycling.
  • Take your spare change to any Coinstar machine and you can give it instantly to a variety of non-profit organizations.
  • Recycling Plastic? Be sure to check the coded number. #1 and #2 are the most commonly recycled plastics. Only recycle plastic with the numbers your community accepts.
  • Did you know aluminum foil is recyclable?
  • Bottled water is bad for the environment. Instead, find a reusable metal bottle that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. We recommend the Lululemon Om Bottle.
  • Using the dishwasher is more efficient than washing dishes by hand. A fully loaded dishwasher saves up to 40% more water.
  • Resell your good-quality designer clothing you no longer wear to a local consignment store.
  • Watering the lawn or outdoor plants? Do it at night! If you have automatic sprinklers set the timer to water the lawn at night.
  • No more electric bug zappers! Instead use citronella candles and empty out all possible still water sources to discourage breeding.
  • Even when major appliances are turned off, they are still using electricity if they're plugged in. Instead of continually plugging and unplugging your appliances, plug them all into a surge protector and turn it off at the strip.
  • When storing sweaters for the winter, make sure they are completely clean to really repel moths. Any organic material such as food residue or grease is food to moths.