Are you prepared in the event of loss? Could you prove ownership and value of your assets for insurance, distribution and sales purposes? With all that life demands, you may find it impossible to make time to plan for the future.

Natural and medical disasters are occurring more frequently, which makes the documentation of your assets more essential than ever. By documenting, you will speed up the insurance claim and maximize payment. Also, you will reduce conflict when dispersing possessions to the next generation.

Ann Sullivan, Inc. provides the solution. Our dedicated team will produce a digital inventory of all items in your home(s) and storage facilities. We also create comprehensive catalogs of your collections such as art, coins, jewelry, rare books, and sports memorabilia.

Did you know?

1 in 20 insured homes
has a claim each year.
Only 37% have an inventory to help document losses for their insurer.
In 2020, natural disaster losses
in the US were $74.4 billion.

Here is how we can help


Edit, sort and categorize your valuables.


Digitally shoot all valuables in high-resolution.


Take precise dimensions of all artwork, furniture and rugs.


History and value of designated items.


Description of items, values, appraisals, receipts and all other supporting documents.


A detailed digital document that can be shared, printed and edited.

Now Is the Time

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