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Are your digital photos scattered across so many devices that you've lost track of where everything is located? Do you have shoe boxes filled with family photographs and memorabilia tucked away in a closet? Is the only copy of your wedding video recorded on VHS? You are not alone. The things that many families value most—photos, videos, and memorabilia—have not been organized or archived, and often sit, sometimes for years, unseen. 

Our dedicated Photo Curators provide expertise and systems to organize, digitize and archive your photographs, media and memorabilia. We preserve your cherished memories by creating albums through visual storytelling and digitally ensuring your photos using the latest technology. 

The demand for our unique approach to curation was so strong, Fotostori emerged as a natural outgrowth of our services. Check out our new dedicated photo organizing company,

Did you know?

One of the Top 5 responses
  to the question, "What would you
save from a house fire?"
continues to be personal
photographs and memorabilia.
The average number of photos
taken each week has doubled since 2012, with more than 70%
being shot and stored on a mobile phone, at risk of being lost.
Less than 5% of family videos
have been converted to a digital format that can be viewed now—
and preserved for the future.

Here is how we can help

Organize and archive PRINT photographs and memorabilia:

We will organize your photos and memorabilia into archival albums or boxes, preserving the quality and the story.


Digitally create superior copies of your photographs, negatives and slides. We can then integrate the high-resolution scans into your digital collection. 


Digital photography is the ultimate convenience, but can be difficult to manage. We can take the hassle out of digital photography and get you started with a cloud-based sharing system.


We partner with state-of-the-art labs to create custom, premium-quality photo books. We tell the story of milestone birthdays, Mitzvahs, graduations, weddings, travels, the very popular year in the life and more. 


If you have VHS tapes, 8mm film or any other type of video or audio media, we can facilitate transfer to digital files for easy viewing.

Now Is the Time

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What our clients are saying...

What our clients are saying...

Ann Sullivan’s photo and media expert organized 5 decades of our family photos, as well my professional archives into 12 customized leather bound albums. She laid out our family occasions chronologically—including our wedding from 40 years ago—as well as our children’s births, 1st haircuts, and family trips. She pulled out duplicates, blurry photos, etc., and featured the photos that told the story best. She also coordinated transferring all our family slides, old film reels and VHS tapes to digital files, so everything is preserved on a hard drive and the Cloud. And, we can easily watch on our computers, or together as a family, on the TV screen. The end result was awesome and exceeded my expectations.
M. Belnick