Move Management

Does the prospect of moving seem daunting? Do the countless decisions that need to be made feel overwhelming? Are you concerned about finding movers you can trust? With all the details you're juggling in addition to your daily routine, you may feel like you're in overdrive.

Ann Sullivan, Inc. is the trusted premier move management partner that you can call on to eliminate the stress of relocation. We endeavor to make the moving process seamless. Our deep experience and extensive resources enable us to execute end-to-end full service moves. We've handled scores of moves in NYC and moves to and from Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, the Hamptons and more. We will create a tactical plan and timeline for your move, and supervise every step—from preparation to putting the finishing touches on your new space.

Here is how we can help

Move Preparation:

We will help with sorting and categorizing possessions, discarding or selling unwanted items, and arranging for donation pick-up.

PREPARE Home for Sale:

Using tricks of the trade, our experts can boost your home's appeal to potential buyers.

Recommend and Select Movers:

With our network of contacts, we will help you choose household and art movers that you can trust to handle your move with care.

Transition Support:

Our team will make the transition of your utilities seamless, process your change of address and liaise with building managers, insurance companies and other service providers.

Manage Possessions:

From taking inventory and photographing items to arranging for temporary or long-term storage, our team will ensure the security of all of your belongings.


Thanks to longstanding relationships with trusted vendors we can facilitate a variety of needs, such as residential and window cleaning, rug and upholstery cleaning, furniture (dis)assembly services, junk and donation removal, appraisals, and more.

Supervise Pack and Move:

We will be there to make sure every item is handled with care, packed safely, accounted for and moved to the new location.

Supervise Unpack, Furniture Placement and Assembly:

Our team members will be present at the new location to ensure that unpacking and arranging is done carefully and to your specifications.

Set Up:

We will help to get your new kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms ready for use, and your closets organized.

Final Touches:

We will be with you until the very last tasks are finished, including trash removal, overseeing completion of a punch list and hanging art.

Now Is the Time

Give us a call at 212.488.2600 and find out how to Get Organized for Life!

What our clients are saying...

What our clients are saying...

We first met Ann and her highly efficient staff in 2012, when we were facing a daunting move and the sale of our (overcrowded) house. We had been at a complete loss as to where to begin and were paralyzed with inertia for over a year. Ann was able to de-clutter and stage the house, and move us out—a process that involved multiple families and locations—in less than 2 weeks. All this was managed with remarkable calmness, patience, discretion and a good dose of humor, with next to zero stress on our end. There was no challenge that Ann would not take on, including sourcing an art specialist to advise us on how to debug a wooden statue that was shipped from overseas. Ann and her team have since moved us in and out of two other apartments. She was instrumental in coordinating and executing the minutiae of the detailed space design of our current home—a small NYC apartment. She will be assisting us with an upcoming out-of-state move and planning of our new residence, as we find her skills and advice invaluable. Special shout out to Gillian, who is not only a very talented closet designer, but who is also full of warmth and humor, and Stephanie, a lovely and amazingly efficient staff member.
M. Gopal