Digital Organizing

Is your computer’s desktop teeming with mysteriously labeled files, photos and electronic sticky notes? Does your inbox house hundreds of unread emails? Are you concerned about your online privacy? With the average American clocking in over 7 hours of screen time every day, the need for decluttering, streamlining and safeguarding our digital lives is more important than ever.

Ann Sullivan, Inc. will help eliminate the chaos. As clutter in your home can cause stress, erode productivity and have a negative effect on your sense of well-being, digital clutter can bring up similar feelings, according to psychologist Kerry Lakey. Our experts will recommend solutions to secure your online privacy.

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Here is how we can help

Go Digital:

Scan, digitize and save your most important documents.


Create a digital filing system tailored to your needs.

Protect Data:

Implement core tools and techniques to protect yourself online.


As a precautionary measure, advise as to the most common ways your data is either stolen or compromised.


Accelerate your productivity and sense of well-being by decreasing your digital clutter, improving how your devices operate.

Planning Ahead:

Arm your loved ones with the most essential information they will need to carry out your wishes.

What our clients are saying...

What our clients are saying...

Working with your Digital Organizing specialist made the process of sorting through my digital clutter painless. They were patient, knowledgeable, and able to guide me seamlessly through what are often overwhelming tasks. My passwords are now all safely in one encrypted app and not scribbled on Post-It notes. The world of technology is fast-paced and ever-changing, so I am comforted to have the support of Ann Sullivan, Inc..
J. McKinley