Office Organizing

Is your office disorganized and inefficient—so much so that productivity suffers? Are your filing cabinets stuffed to capacity? Are you and your team members constantly looking for misplaced items? With the fast pace of day-to-day business, you may feel like you'll never get caught up enough to get organized.

Ann Sullivan, Inc. will help eliminate clutter, maximize space, and create streamlined systems to manage files and digital assets so that you and your team can increase focus and productivity. Our experts will recommend solutions that make your workspace more dynamic and tailored to your specific needs.

Did you know?

Disorganization costs executives
one hour every day—up to six weeks
of lost time per year.
80 percent of papers filed are
never referenced.

It costs $120 in labor to track down
a misplaced document, or $250 in labor to re-create it.

Here is how we can help

Paper Management:

We develop systems to reduce paper retention and manage document processing, digitizing, storage and disposal.

Workflow Systems:

Our experts will meet with you and your team to analyze the way you work, and provide solutions to help maximize efficiency and productivity.

Customized Filing Systems:

We create intuitive filing systems that make locating and storing documents quick and easy.

Space Utilization:

No matter the size of your space, we'll arrange it to optimize flow and boost efficiency.

Email Management:

Our team will implement its' proven systems for handling email—one of the greatest challenges in the workplace today.

Now Is the Time

Give us a call at 212.488.2600 and find out how to Get Organized for Life!

What our clients are saying...

What our clients are saying...

Our office was in a chaotic state post renovation. This was no match for Ann Sullivan and her team—they took the office by storm! The team worked incredibly hard, with the utmost thoughtfulness and professionalism. We now have beautifully organized closets, kitchen, and work areas. The best part is everything is labeled, and the systems Ann put in place are sustainable. As much as we would love to spend more time with Ann + Team, we won’t have to for a long time!
Bionic Solutions, Inc.