Home Organizing

Is your home feeling cluttered? Disorganized? Are your closets full to the brim? Is it hard to find the things you want? With all that you have to manage—career, family, personal life—home organization often falls by the wayside.

Ann Sullivan, Inc. will help create order out of chaos through an array of home organizing services. We provide the expertise to improve the functionality and comfort of your home through customized solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

Did you know?

Americans spend an average of
one hour a day looking for
misplaced items.
The expenses related to a lack of organization—buying duplicates, last-minute shopping and late fees—can add up to 20% of a household budget.
We wear 20% of our clothes
80% of the time.

Here is how we can help

Clutter Management:

We will work hand-in-hand with you to discard belongings that are no longer useful—and assist with donating, selling, or disposing of items.

Closet Organizing:

Our streamlined solutions maximize the efficiency of your closet space.

Closet Design:

We collaborate with you to design closets that reflect your specific needs, and will facilitate the implementation of the plans.

Kitchen Organizing:

We design customized solutions that reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Children's Rooms and Playrooms:

Let us make your kids' space the most delightful rooms in the house with cheerful and easy-to-manage storage systems.

Home Offices:

We will make your home office a comfortable and productive work center that also complements your home's aesthetics.

Paper Management:

We develop systems to help you manage mail, bills and papers—saving time and reducing clutter.

Storage Areas:

Our solutions will allow for easy accessibility and functionality.

Space Planning and Space-Saving Ideas:

Maximizing the comfort and utilization of a space is both an art and a science—and our experts use their knowledge to help make the most of every area.

Now Is the Time

Give us a call at 212.488.2600 and find out how to Get Organized for Life!

What our clients are saying...

What our clients are saying...

It is now one year since I worked with your firm. It was a life altering experience. Managing a home with three kids can be overwhelming when you don't have good systems in place. Your commitment to putting systems in place that evolve with our changing needs is invaluable! To this day, my home looks beautiful, organized and peaceful. It enabled me to be a better parent and role model to my children, as I was able to teach them how to keep track of their belongings. I could go on and on!! Thank you for improving the quality of our lives and completely removing the stress of disorder!!!
S. Satovsky