Senior Move Management

Over the past several years, we have witnessed a demand for move management services for seniors and family caregivers. With the 65+ population growing rapidly, that need will only increase. Senior moves often come with special circumstances. In addition to providing general move management services, our team is prepared to address the emotional and physical challenges involved in relocating aging parents. We can serve as a liaison between seniors and their adult children, bridging the gap when there are time and geographical constraints. We'll work to find solutions that bring peace of mind to everyone involved and ease what can be a difficult transition.

Excerpts from The New York Times article:

Helping the Elderly Downsize

JULY 22, 2016

In her long career as a psychiatrist, Dr. Phyllis Harrison-Ross has been described by friends and colleagues as practical and calm. But two other traits, humor and patience, went right out the window when she decided to downsize.

You ask yourself what you want to keep, and the answer is everything, said Dr. Harrison-Ross, who turns 80 next month. It's an emotional roller coaster that takes a toll on you. It's very tiring.

I thought I could get down to the bare essence of things myself, she said. But that proved to be very difficult, much more than I had expected.

Her solution:
Dr. Harrison-Ross hired a senior move manager.

Moving is stressful at any age, but for those who have lived in one place for many years, getting rid of things that have accumulated over decades is a large barrier to overcome.

Senior move managers specialize in the issues that come with downsizing, including donating and selling items and hiring movers. In New York, these managers maneuver through the often stringent moving and trash-disposal rules adopted by co-ops and condominium buildings. They also deal with out-of-town family members who may want items sent to them. They pack and unpack; they call the cable company. Most also help with decluttering and organizing the homes of seniors who wish to stay put.

Move managers also have a long list of contacts for specific tasks [Mary Kay Buysse, Executive Director of the National Association of Senior Move Managers]. For example, a good move manager will know not to call a top-tier auctioneer for something worth a few thousand dollars, and know which estate liquidators or junk haulers work well with seniors.

Move managers can be found online. Many are referred by real estate agents, estate lawyers, geriatric care managers and staff at senior living facilities.

What clients are saying...

What clients are saying...

My elderly aunt was living alone in Manhattan, when it became apparent that she could no longer care for herself. The decision was made to move her to Chicago, but the logistics of moving her and cleaning out her apartment of 60 years was an overwhelming task, especially from long-distance. Working with Ann and her team was wonderful! They complied 100% with my requests; and, also offered practical advice in making decisions and shipping items in the most cost-effective way. They are professional yet approached this highly emotional task with great compassion. Ann and her team were extremely sensitive and handled objects that carried not only monetary value, but also family history, with the utmost care. I highly recommend AS, Inc., as they provide peace of mind to get the job done.
J. Kaihatsu